Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

We aren’t big fans of the all-seeing internet.  As accountants, we place a strong emphasis on protecting user data and privacy.  Our solutions always have data protection and security at the core.    “Trust is everything” is one of our five Core Principles.  We believe that if any business is to thrive over time, it must have integrity, trust and transparency as its foundation. 

That extends to your usage of our website as well. 

We want to process as little personal information as possible when you use our website. That’s why we’ve chosen privacy-friendly website analytics software that complies with the GDPR, ePrivacy (including PECR), COPPA and CCPA and other privacy laws.  Your IP address is only briefly processed, and Next Act has no way of identifying you. As per the CCPA, your personal information is de-identified by our analytics processor. You can read more about their privacy practices here.

The purpose of us using this software is to understand our website traffic in the most privacy-friendly way possible so that we can continually improve our website and business.

The lawful basis as per the GDPR is “Article 6(1)(f); where our legitimate interests are to improve our website and business continually.” As per the explanation, no personal data is stored over time.  

Beyond that, we make a determined effort to eliminate data-tracking of any type on our site and continually assess the tools and technology to make sure that your data stays private.   We will never knowingly collect individual users data unless you have explicitly told us that is OK.  Please note that filling out our contact form and submitting explicitly grants this consent.

If you do grant us that privilege, we make sure that it is stored securely.  And if you ever want to revoke that permission, send a message to the Data Privacy Officer at and we will vaporize it. 

It should go without saying that we will never sell data.  Nor will we provide your data to anyone else, including partners, unless you tell us it is OK.

Saying that, please keep in mind that there are many ways to leak data on the internet, often without your knowledge and consent. We can’t promise that we will catch everything, but we try. 

You can find formal privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions in the links below. 

If you want more information or have a suggestion on how we can improve this policy, please send us a message at

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