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Accounting Systems Consulting

Creation of accounting systems and workflows to minimize data entry and maximize automation

Installation and Training

Carefully planned implementaion and comprensive training to take advantage of the full power of systems

Managed Accounting Services

High quality, "audit ready" finance and accounting BPO services to let you focus on growing your business.

Who we are

Crafting Tech Solutions for Accounting Teams

We’re not just IT experts.  We’re accountants ourselves. So, we understand the unique challenges in building systems that are both capable and cost-effective.

Optimized Processes

We focus on eliminating low-value tasks, providing useful data and maintaining effective control

Effective IT Solutions

We design solutions to be powerful and cost-effective at the same time.

Installation and Training

Our approach is to implement technology smoothly and train accounting teams in accountant-friendly language.

Years of Experience
Who we are

Accounting BPO services

Whether you want to focus on advisory services or just offload processing duties, we can provide managed finance and accounting services you can rely on

Process and Function Management

Regardless of the size and the complexity, we can provide comprehensive BPO services and make sure the work is done right.

Special Projects

Do you have a special project that you just can't seem to get to or need extra help with big tasks? Let our team provide the talent and experience to get on top of it.

Accounting Advisory

We are experts in process design and can help design and build new functionality for your team and provide expert training to bring your staff up to speed.

A Wealth of Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in both managing complex accounting functions and in systems design and implementation.  

Accounting professionals deserve systems that are capable and allow sufficient oversight and control but that also make sense financially.

We have the know-how to create these systems, implement them with minimal disruption, and train your teams in terms they understand so you can take full advantage of current technology.

Let’s talk and see what we can for you.

Partner with us for IT Infrastructure Management.

We understand the pressure of running a profitable accounting firm or cost-effective internal accounting department.  We also understand that finding the right technology to accomplish this can be an overwhelming task.

As accountants, we were frustrated by accounting applications that were not designed by accountants and didn’t understand our needs.  In fact, it was the driving reason for starting Next Act Solutions.

Our goal is to truly become a long-term partner in overcoming technology challenges.  We strive to see your goals as our own and want to create a solution to meet them in the most efficient way possible. 

We have looked through hundreds of applications and accounting platforms, and while we work with some outstanding technology partners, we don’t push any one offering.  If a solution is a good fit for you, we’ll tell you.  And if it isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you that too.

In the end, the only acceptable system is one that does what you need it to do at a price that makes sense.

Exacting standards

How We Select Technology

We evaluate any technology solution on six key criteria before we recommend it. 


Solutions must be able to scale as the company grows without the need to switch to a new system.


Solutions must be customizable for many different industries and individual customer needs without incurring large development costs.


Customers should define workflows and output rather than altering their workflows to fit the product.

Highly Automated

A tech solution that requires numerous workarounds or manual interventions defeats the entire purpose of computer technology.


Customers should own their data exclusively and have access to it at all times in a usable format.


Technology solutions and data must be protected from unauthorized access and use the best methods available.

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